Important to know

We all know the importance of our next D95 reunion. Our former Capo Superiore disappeared, and the whole family is now in chaos. It may be you who will save the District D95 from this period of anarchy and decide who becomes the new Capo Superiore.

As a participant of D95 Reunion in Brno, you will need to face challenges: both personal missions and clan-related competition.

Beware, this will be probably the most engaging and most memorable event you have ever attended.

The degree to which you participate in helping your family gain control and unite the rest of the clans will be completely up to you.

As the time will draw closer to our Reunion, we will uncover the underlying mechanism.

As of now, the only thing you need to know is that the more people from your Division Clan come, the better shot your Famiglia will have at gaining control and uniting D95 for the last time.

For now, please follow us on social sites and add yourself to our Facebook group where all necessary information will be published in the upcoming months.

DISCLAIMER: we want to underline that this is just a FUN EVENT – the intention is to roleplay in a good humour and spirit. Do not take us too seriously and do not connect us with any shady activities. Just to make sure understand each other, amico!