Capo wants you to deliver an unforgettable workshop

The most faithful members of #d95famiglia are going to gather in Brno to find the new Capo Superiore among them. But our beloved missing Capo gave us instructions to give also an opportunity to 7 speakers to inspire the whole famiglia and help others improve. Yes, we are talking about workshops.

And Capo wants them to rule, capisci?! He wants us to see the best of the best our famiglia has to offer. So what does he want from you, potentials workshopers?

  • Length of workshop is 45 minutes, not a single second more, amico!
  • The workshop should be well tested and presented before coming to the Conference.
  • Your workshop should be practical, not talking about why is something important, rather talking about how to achieve it.

P.S. In order to confuse our treacherous enemies, we will use special code when speaking about Call for Workshops. Our code name of operation is: Nobilitas.

Update 20. 9. – Capo Superiore has already chosen first oratore. Follow Famiglia Reunion on Facebook or Twitter to get daily updates