Contest Results

 The fight is over and we already know who are District 95 champions in Humorous speeches and Table Topics in English and German language!

English Humorous speeches winners:

1. Aleksandra Lewandowska (on the left side on the picture)
2. Debbie Liebenberg (on the right side on the picture)
3. Ranjith Venkatesh 

English Table Topics winners

1. Randi Phinney (on the right on the picture)
2. Marjorie Simon-Meinefeld (on the left side on the picture)
3. John Holway 

German Table Topics Winners

1. Ineke Vermeulen (in the middle)
2. Klaus-Ulrich Moeller 
3. Cordelia Schwarzkopf (on the right side)

German Humorous Speeches Winners

1. Klaus-Ulrich Moeller
2. Mel Kelly
3. Cordelia Schwarzkopf