Division E – Trojanowska Famiglia

Trojanowska Famiglia was thinking how to dominate in Europe for hundreds of years. Then it finally happened. Famous Krowki have been invented in Poznan. Traditional Polish cream fudge which is usually the first thing related to Poland you remember. Milk, sugar, cream, butter and vanilla flavour. It’s really easy like that. And why Krowki? It’s wrapped in pieces of paper with the picture of a cow and Krowki means “little cow”. Poznan is also one of the first Polish cities and the only city mentioned in the Polish anthem. Well played, Trojanowska clan.

Poznan is also one of the first Polish cities, but it’s not just the history, the city is famous for music and every year hosts world-famous violin competition. Polish also know how to get money and do a business which is true for Trojanowska famiglia especially. Poznan is the home of Polish eBay called Allegro and bars there stay open until the last person leaves. They just won’t leave a zloty in the customer pocket.

There also other important cities in the clan. Bydgoszcz is the training centre for associates. Be careful, you don’t want to mess up with them since they are such a good athletes. The city also hosts important sports meetings – mainly basketball and volleyball. Huge parks are then great for light crime practicing.

A special role in the famiglia has Gdansk – a city of freedom. Why? In the time between both world wars, the city was completely independent for the second time in the history. And there is more.

Famiglia sign is also in the chemical element table – do you know what is Cn (112)? Copernicum named after Mikolas Kopernik – one of the famous astronomer from Torun. Safety reminder! If someone from Trojanowska famiglia offers you Krowki, be careful, they want to get you under the control.

Cities under control: Poznań, Bydgoszcz, Gdynia, Torun, Pila, Olsztyn