Division B – Mazur Famiglia

Warsaw, Warsaw, Warsaw…and how about Krakow? This underdog city was former capital of Poland for more than 500 years. Mazur famiglia has a decent history in this part of the country and not many people know about the past Mazur’s influence in the whole world. John Paul II was archbishop there until 1978 when he has become the pope. Good move for Mazur’s! Even though the best days are gone, Krakow found the new potential in universities – every fourth person there is a student. Mazur’s can build a new army of mafiosos by choosing the best ones from two hundred thousand students.

The core of the business is done on the Main square, the largest square of medieval Europe. Mazur’s know how to get money from tourists on markets with a little help of pigeons. Famiglia invested a lot of money to training process of pigeons since they are both great security patrol (no need for CCTV cameras) and attacking/stealing force. This way you must buy food and stolen items repeatedly. There is the only one thing which can stop the trained pigeon – proper food. Therefore it’s forbidden to feed them in Krakow. Don’t even try it, there are even bigger birds which would stop you.

Animals are really important for the famiglia, because they’ve found the way of reproducing them with a government donation and people pay for seeing all the animals. There is the largest and oldest ZOO of Poland in Wroclaw. When capo want’s a new Maseratti, two penguins get sold and the deal is done. If anyone in the city needs to meet famiglia members, they know where to go. Since 1275 the meeting point is Piwnica Swidnicka in the old City Hall’s basement.

Mazur’s have in their hands an importing painting too. The Black Madonna of Czestochowa is a symbol, because she is connected with many miracles. On the other hand, Mazur’s are crazy also in the architecture domain. Katowice is well known for large expensive architectural hits and misses. In 1971 they have opened Spodek (saucer in Polish) multipurpose arena complex shaped like UFO. Btw if you meet someone from Mazur’s and they will ask “how are you?”, you can reply “spoko” which means “it’s fine” or “take it easy”. But do not take that easy.

Cities under control: Krakow, Wroclaw, Częstochowa, Katowice, Bialsko-Biala, Opole, Kielce, Wodzislaw