Division D – Kovari Famiglia

Austro-Hungarian empire still sticks together. Kovari’s Famiglia experienced the great past and maybe even brighter future is coming. Famiglia is really strong and combines the best from both countries. The best business in Budapest are spas, there are plenty for “normal” people and a few private for the Famiglia. The best ones of course. Just ask the Kovari’s members. The Famiglia is so generous, that they share water for free – there are installing drinking taps on fire hydrants. In Vienna, they get mineral drinking water from the Alps into the taps at home. Even though both cities are under control of the same famiglia,they are competing with each other in several areas. Beautiful old architecture, great history, goulash with langosh versus Wien schnitzel. The rivalry is tough here.

But there are huge differences as well – especially in hiring. Budapest Famiglia has invented the Rubic’s cube which the candidate must solve in under a minute. They are not so tough in Vienna. Since they have invented a snow globe by accident (rice was used) the candidate must make own one for capo. Every mafioso also has a dog, which leads to the law – dogs are allowed anywhere.

In Hungary capital city no building can be taller than 96 meters, why is that? Capo wants to have a good view from his apartment. Be careful in drinking with Hungarian mafiosos, they are really experienced and even then you will not be able to understand the Hungarian language. Don’t believe? Simple “cheers” is “Egészségedr”.

Vienna is the city of dreams because of Freud influence. All the therapists are experienced and also expensive, the family gets an easy rito. Beacause of Schubert, Mozart, Beethoven and other, Vienna is the mecca for all the musicians. If someone tells you “take the 71”, don’t say thank you, it mean’s you are going to die. It’s just a code. Why 71? The tram stops at one of Europe’s larget cementery.

That’s not all. Kovari’s are so powerful that also Zagreb is going to be under control. The wild Croatia world is full of dragons and there are rumors there is a snake queen in the near mountain. Therefore the famiglia operates only during “spica”. Forget Friday nights, Saturday 10am-2pm is the time for having fun in the streets. And it works pretty well.

Cities under control: Budapest, Vienna, Perchtoldsdorf, Szeged, Veszprem, Zagreb, Debrecen, Salzburg, Inssbruck