Division C – Kluck famiglia

Kristina Kluck - Berlin clanIf you have Berlin under control, you have under control the whole Germany. The Kluck famiglia controls the capital city of the country and has six different mafiosos groups there. The boss was able to unite all the family members and eliminate the garbage business in this area.

Now all the „friendly“ Berliners who wants to run their business contribute to the family every month. Berliners also love having pet at home, more than 120 thousand dogs live in the capital city. The owners pay 120EUR tax to the city – 10% extra goes to Klucs. Almost 1.5M EUR for famiglia, part of the money goes for Klucks trained dogs squad lead by the dog capo Squartatore.

The tourists in Berlin are safe, since evil Airbnb was strictly limited. Why? Famiglia needs money from the visitors, therefore they must keep them in hotels. What a good business. But there is also a downside of this. Only one out of four people currently living in Berlin is originally from Berlin. With that, the Kluck famiglia needs more… more land…

This famiglia likes attention so the last year plan was to win the Bundesliga with Leipzig. Kluck consiglieri has great connections in Red Bull so the money was not a problem. Only the Bayern Munich was the problem. Although the plan failed and the culprits had been punished, the family just demonstrated the power. But it‘s not just football, people in Leipzig do a good job in music as well. Do you know Till Lindemann, frontman of Rammstein? What a good famiglia!

The real business power comes with Rostock. The port under control allows the family to know about all the articles leaving or coming to the land around. Who would mind that something „gets lost“ from time to time. Right? Part of the Kluck crew is in Dresden. Don’t mess up with them, they have invented a toothpaste and they sure know how to use it. They are so proud of it that they built a Museum of hygiene.

Cities under control: Berlin, Rostock, Leipzig, Dresden, Steglitz