Division A – Jansen Famiglia

“I was born in Liverpool but raised in Hamburg.” Do you know who said this? John Lennon. And his words just demonstrate the Hamburg and Jansens Famiglia power itself. With so many millionaires living in the city, Famiglia can spend a lot of money for things they like. And they like bridges, so every recruited mafioso must build a bridge with a different budget. After more than 2,300 bridges (more than in Amsterdam and Venice combined) in the city, Famiglia is called Jansen’s – the bridge builders. The cultural and shopping centre of the north Germany still see a potential in Samurai warriors spirit, so you can find there the biggest Japanese gardens in Europe which should be connected with Tokyo by underwater Shinkanzen soon. Speaking about the whole Europe, never underestimate Jansen’s, also Angela Merkel is from Hamburg.

Jansen’s are really tolerant so there are also no cages in the ZOO, you can really see new animals species being bred there because of that. With the biggest port in Germany, it’s really easy to send those “creatures” somewhere else afterwards. And people pay for visit. Good business plan. Jansen’s have done a good job in the past regarding food as well, the invention of Hamburger brings them 0.01 EUR from every Hamburger sold in the world. Unfortunately, there were traitors in the Famiglia so more than 10 different people claim for the Hamburger invention to be their own. Btw, if you hear a greeting “Hummel, Hummel”, you are supposed to reply with „Mors, Mors“ and do not ask what does it mean.

Jansen’s local consigliere in Cologne made the Famiglia rich so easily. The famous “Eau de Cologne” was initially a medicine against pox, they just put on it a high price tag, so the people thought it must be a good stuff and they got used to it. But not everything went so easy in the fourth biggest city in Germany, the Cologne cathedral took 632 years to build. This is how you launder money.

There is also Bremen, the final stop on the German Fairy Tale Route, the good way how to get tourists there and serve them Robinson Crusoe house (despite he never has been there). A proper business plan. Besides that the Famiglia knows how to get their staff into space for free, the International Space Station (ISS) was built in Bremen and collects important information for the whole world and a bit extra for Jansen’s famiglia.

Cities under control: Hamburg, Koln, Bremen, Hannover, Buxtehude, Stade, Kiel, Lübeck, Bergedorf, Paderborn, Braunschweig, Bochum, Munster, Bonn, Aachen