Famiglia I – Gruss Famiglia

Gruss Famiglia controls the whole South German Bavarian area. Capo and all the associates have got BMW cars for free since Munich is a home of the famous German car company. Since Gruss needs to have the newest model every year, his old car gets the best mafia member - what a motivation to join the Famiglia and be the best. Gruss has also an obsession with collecting things since his house was already full, he moved the stuff to Deutsches Museum, which is one of the biggest museums with more than 28,000 objects in 50 exhibitions. This attracts about 1.5 million visitors every year. After all the museum is already full, so the future existence of Munich’s Englischer Garten, one of the biggest park, is in danger.

The big thing for Gruss Famiglia is beer. That's not a surprise. But it's funny, that they cannot wait for the October fest opening, so it starts in September. Beer is considered food and not an alcoholic beverage in Bavaria and it's made of barley, hops, and water. Mingas can also visit Hofbroihaus pub, which opened its doors in Munich in 1589 and can fit around 5,000 people at any one time. Gruss Famiglia has there meetings every first Wednesday of the month and enjoying great beer together with famous white sausages, sweet mustard and pretzels. White sausages are usually served only before noon, but for mafia there are no rules.

Gruss famiglia has a 6 day per year a collective vacation, when all the members goes to Nurnberg to enjoy 6-day International Toy Fair. It welcomes over 2,800 exhibitors from around 60 countries and some of the toys are available only there. Imagine all the bad boys playing with lego and water guns. It must be so relaxing.


Cities under control: Munich, Nuremberg, Rosenheim, Taufkirchen, Landshut, Regensburg, Ulm, Erlangen, Bamberg, Kempten, Lechfeld