Division L – Figurova Famiglia

Figurova’s Famiglia takes care about the whole Czech Republic since 1989 Velvet Revolution when the communist regime collapsed. Although the Famiglia boss Zuzana is originally from Lost ice, she spread her influence over Brno and Prague quickly. She can be everywhere. The capital city is the proud owner of the largest castle in the world where Figurova got 200 rooms just for herself and famiglia usage.
Czechs are the best in beer consumption, soft drugs and atheism. Nothing to be proud of, but a lot of opportunities for the famiglia. Less than 19% believes in god, however, 15 thousand people said that their faith is Jedi, so the Figurova’s soldiers must be really careful. The biggest thing for all the people there is beer, they really love it. Its first known brewery existed in 993 and maybe you don’t know that Pilsners were originated there. There are so many breweries in these days, even the Famiglia owns few of them. But that’s not the only passion of Czech people. The people like things for free, so they love mushroom hunting. Oh yes, it’s almost hunting. In the autumn it is a national passion in the damp forests and in two months there are more pictures of baskets full of mushrooms than pictures of babies on Facebook. The associate of Figurova’s who brings the best mushrooms gets a promotion.

Global Peace Index in 2016 ranks the Czech Republic as the sixth safest place to live on earth. Well, that’s true since the Famiglia focus only on the light crime. It starts with taxi drivers in Prague when they will overcharge you since 40% of the payment goes to the Famiglia, and ends with the Czech Republic ex-president, who infamously stole a pen during a state visit to Chile. The pen was not for himself, but for Zuzana.
There is also a lot of Czech nationalist in the country, so you can see Skoda auto cars everywhere even Skoda is now part of German Volkswagen. Figurova got the best models for free every year as a payment for helping Skoda expand the business to the whole Europe famiglia and fighting Hyundai. The Czech Republic has also the most hospital beds per capita of any country in the EU. Unfortunately, they probably need them, because they also have the highest EU death rate from cancer.
Professional tip: If you like high speed, go to Prague metro (underground), there are the fastest escalators in the world – 3.24 km/h.

Cities under control: Prague, Brno, Pardubice, Hradec Kralove, Ostrava