Division J – Paweta Famiglia

Paweta’s Famiglia has a strong base in Warsaw. There are 14 different groups working for the boss. Do you know why they need so many soldiers? Warsaw is the most congested city in Europe – Poles spend an average of 106 hours per year stuck in traffic. As a compensation mafia members can use public transport for free as well as people born on the means of local public transport in Warsaw. There are 1500 buses and 838 trams, that’s a good chance.
The core business of Paweta’s Famiglia is kids. But since it’s forbidden use kids for hard work, the idea of using their brains come up. A patent bureau for children has been open in Warsaw for ten years already. During that time more than 30,000 inventions have already been registered. Famiglia can use that patents for free in their inventions and get 40% if a patent is sold. There was a special tax in the past depending on the house width. As a result, the world’s narrowest 2-storey house (1.22m width, 9m height and 3 meters elevation) can be found in Warsaw city centre.
You probably don’t know that Warsaw becomes the capital for the first time in 1596 because King Sigismund III Vasa decided to transfer the capital from Cracow to Warsaw. Why? The old Cracovians say, the doctor recommended him to rest in the countryside. That’s where the huge rivalry between both cities come from.
Lublin is under Paweta control as well, it was a capital twice, but always for quite short time. A local speciality is “Tsibulyazh” – wheat cake with poppy seeds and onions. The Famiglia has under control also Lodz, city full of artist and hipsters. It’s home of one of the finest film and theatre schools in Europe and also the place where the Famiglia choose the best artists and use them for special missions.
Cities under control: Warsaw (14), Lodz, Lublin, Bialystok