Division G – Nair Famiglia

Winter is coming, winter comes from Division G. Nordic countries cooperate with just one goal – to be the toughest and the most cold resistant clan in the famiglia. Everything starts with Danish, the happiest people on Earth. It probably surprises you, but water in the Copenhagen harbor is also happy and clear, so all the visitors can swim there. Or can be swimmed there, if Nair famiglia wishes so. The only problem for the famiglia in the capital city is Christiania, a “Freetown” run by the community’s own law. Many members have been lost there. Nair’s still want to find an associate who will mediate the future cooperation. Hans Christian Andersen would write a thrilling fairytale about it.

If someone from the famiglia mentions “hygge” in your presence, don’t be afraid, you are not in danger. It means relaxing in a great company. You have probably just made a friend. One of the best famiglia businesses is selling bicycles. In Copenhagen more than 55% percent of inhabitants cycle to and from work. And to and from pub. But people have no idea that their position is tracked and that famiglia knows their current location. Everything comes with a price to be paid. Cycling generally is a big thing in the whole north. For example, Stockholm border is crossed by 70 thousand cyclists every day. The most effective distribution network for anything in the world. Nair famiglia is super happy.

Swedish division is ambitious and currently enjoys their massive influence. The Swedish capital, called Venice of the North, is also the home of the Nobel Prizes. Do you want some? Just ask Nair’s and prepare some generous bribe. The other thing is food, the best business in the world. Almost two million of meatballs are eaten in all Ikea’s stores every day. It’s a demon. And Nair’s horse farms are thriving thanks to this. But don’t worry, there are special anonymous groups where people share their experiences with the meatballs addiction. Ikea is the famous Swedish brand and you should know, that those funny product names are actually nicknames of the famiglia members who deserved eternal respect. And don’t forget about Minecraft, digital version of Lego, that was created to recruit the talented people from the whole world as new mafia members.

Thanks to the high determination of all the associates there is a huge rivalry. Nair came up with a great idea. Who leads the best choir is the best associate. What’s the result? More than 600 thousand people sing in choirs. The clan is strong like never before. In Norway, the atmosphere is way more peaceful, so the Nobel Prize for Peace Award ceremony is held in Oslo. Also, with the generous support of the famiglia, every year a stupendous Trafalgar square Christmas tree is given to London for their assistance during WWII. People in Norway are also stunningly innovative – cheese slicer and paper clip have been invented there. They also introduced salmon to Sushi, thank you Norway clan! If you like alcohol, you have only two options how to get a bottle – you are a famiglia member or you buy it at one of the two Vinmonopolet stores.

Important warning – When someone from Nair’s tries to give you a “gift”, be careful, it’s a trap. In Swedish it means marriage or poison. Either way, choose carefully.

Cities under control: Copenhagen, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo, Lulea, Malmo, Lund, Fredensborg, Kgs. Lyngby, Linhamn,  Hovik, Lundby, Aarhus, Esbjerg, Brande, Linkoping