Dvision F – Carrington-Hockman Famiglia

Carrington-Hockman Famiglia is based in SouthWest Germany and has many cities under control. One of the most important is Frankfurt am Main. Fourteen of fifteen highest skyscrapers in Europe are there and two of them are the tallest in the whole EU. That’s a sign of power and money which the Famiglia has with all the banks and huge companies in the area. But some time ago, when the city wasn’t that famous, special sausages were supposedly distributed to people during special events like imperial coronations. Even though sausages are just sausages, in these days the famiglia was able to deliver them to the whole Europe as something special called “Frankfurters”.

Famiglia crew has also regular shifts on Wikipedia. Since this portal is open and widely used in the whole world, famiglia wants to know what’s happening and has control over the past and the future. Making the first Wikimania event in Frankfurt in 2005 brought many talented wiki associates. Each of them would like to be like a Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – one of the biggest Frankfurters, but first they must make it through tough Wikipedia blood and tears.

The other big city under Carrington-Hockman control is Stuttgart. The city is rich, but in a different way. Instead of banks, there are vineyards. The Famiglia gets 33% percent of the wine profits in the end. Beer is ever more popular so there is also own Stuttgart Oktoberfest called Weisn. It might be a bit smaller, but it takes place twice a year. Since the beer is drafted by famiglia crew, every beer means many euros to the budget.

These are of course used for academic and scientific research companies in Stuttgart, which bring Carrington-Hockman Famiglia the real advantage. Researchers also get wine and beer for free, in order to support their imagination and creativity. It’s not a surprise that Teddy bear was invented here, as well as Kafer – the second most sold car in the world history. Vehicle industry is really popular in the famiglia of Stuttgart. Mercedes and Porsche have their headquarters there. There are also many other important cities under control which are listed below.

Cities under control: Stuttgart, Frankfurt (M), Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Reutlingen, Ramstein, Ludwigshafen, Wiesbaden, Darmstadt, Bensheim, Mainz, Bad Homburg, Dreieich, Heidelberg, Freiburg, Nussloch, Heilbronn