The European North Eastern Toastmasters famiglia, also known as D95 famiglia, has been unrivalled in the region with the superior quality of their officers, fast pace of growth and enviable unity and comradery between its clans.

What is the share of registered famiglia members coming to compete for power?

This must have been thorn in somebody’s side, as our beloved Capo Superiore disappeared recently, and we have heard rumors that he is not coming back.

The whole D95 famiglia is now in turmoil and chaos. Who will replace our Capo Superiore? Which clan will take over the control? Is there anyone able to re-unite us for the last time?

Our famiglia needs to be strong before the upcoming all-European joint conference in spring 2018. All famiglia members are needed to come to Brno to resolve this issue and fight for our future!

The current D95 Famiglia consisted of 12 sub-famiglias, or clans, but the recent Incident already led to the division of the Czechoslovak family, splitting it into two. Now we will have 13 clans and who is to tell if more of the conflicts won’t arise on the way?

We’d better start healing them. And where better than in Brno, city on the border of the two divided sections?

Soon enough, you will be able to find here a list of current clans and their leaders who will come to fight for power and unity in Brno!

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